Friday, March 14, 2014

Tips to Rule The Search Engine Results Page

seo tips
 Getting your message across is often much more efficient on other websites than your own site.

Strong domains need less SEO effort to rank. This means you could potentially rank multiple times in the same top 10 search engine results page (SERP).

Additionally, being allowed to write for essential industry websites is a great demonstration of your expertise.
Here's how you can perform this strategy.

When Expertise Leads to Sales

In knowledge demanding industries, showing your expertise and creativity often leads to improved sales. This can be seen in several industries. SEO consultants, lawyers, financial advisors, and even architects advantage from being found with articles displaying their work and knowledge.

If you're in an industry that rewards expertise, you should start guest blogging and writing articles for the authority websites in your niche.

Selecting the Platforms to Write for

•    Start by selecting strong domains. You can find them by organization searches for many applicable keywords in your industry. The ones that rank across a wide range of keywords indicate strong domains with a lot of links bound for at them.

•    They should rather already work with a network of bloggers and allow guest blogging. Writing just a couple of guest blogs is often more capable than becoming a regular contributor, mainly because you want to spread your effort across multiple sites.

•    Do they already rank for your most significant keywords with another page? No problem! You will increase a head start in ranking, but your article will only be shown in search results once it outranks the older article.
•    select websites focused at other experts and also try to write for sites with entry-level audiences. Both can probably rank for attractive keyword combinations. Authoritative websites in your industry make you look more of an authority when you write for them.
Writing the Article

•    Make sure your articles provide clear examples of your knowledge and creativity. Make sure the title makes the article seem newsworthy enough and include an important keyword combination. The overall text should be well optimized for your main keyword, but other combinations can often be easily integrated as well.

•    Articles that are worth sharing also attract a lot of social media thought. At least some of your articles should have a viral element in them. Depending on timing, personalized search, and other factors, you should always have at least one article in the top 10.

•    You can effortlessly have multiple articles across different sites focused on the same keyword arrangement. The resulting Google top 10 for that keyword should show your broad knowledge on that niche subject. Using different angles you make your articles relevant for everybody searching for the keyword combination.

•    If allowed by the platform you write for, link to your own website and other related articles you've written. These could be on the same website or other ones you write for.

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