Friday, May 23, 2014

How Content Curation May enhance Your power

Analyzing the source of your traffic is a defining characteristic of content curation. continuously monitor the curated and shared content to learn how to make it effective.

Why Content Curation?

The aim audience receives a concentrated form of information without wasting sorting out through tons of content.

Content Curation is NOT Content Marketing

The content “world” is crack in two sides working towards the same goal. There shouldn’t be any confusion between curation and content marketing. The goals and methods are diverse and should not be blended into one big SEO mixer. There are some major differences between curatorial intent and creating brand awareness, links, and sympathizers through curatorial techniques.

How to Manage Large Amounts of Fresh Content

It’s no question a content curator needs to have so many behaviors given the fact that there aren’t many people who can handle the amount of content that’s created every day. Ranging from twitter posts to composite guides, if you want to be successful at curating, you need to manage all this data. It may seem like an overwhelming job. Below, I’m going to give you some tips on handling large amounts of fresh content efficiently.

Real Time Content Duration

1. Identify Your Target Audience’s Content Needs

T he foundation for a successful content curation career is learning who is your target audience. Tailor content especially for the people who are actually interested in the subject. Your audience’s tastes and interests fundamentally decide what content you should curate. If they don’t like what you post, the content might end up being useless data in the sea of billions of information on the internet.

2. Develop a Fresh Content Framework

You want to identify what social media networks and platforms your audience likes to follow. Those are the places you’ll want to share the curated content. In the end, you need to continuously look for hot topics that your audience currently talks about. Nothing is more engaging than fresh content that is currently on the front page of every site.

3. Real Time Duration

It’s okay to curate and create evergreen content that’s of interest to your target audience even if it’s not really fresh. But a common denominator to all people, no matter the niche is curating news. That’s what gets the attention of people and makes them discuss and share. You need to deliver fresh information and you have to deliver it as fast as you can.

4. Write or Share?

If you’re on the path of becoming a content curator or you’re already one, you need to know you have two choices. You can choose to share, where you’re going to just take the information and forward it without altering. This takes you less time and the information travels faster. And of course there’s the harder path, where you’ll need to filter and feather the content a bit before posting it. 

A curatorial method is different from the creation process or the marketing process. The intent is the same, only you also want to build a standing of being a useful source of information.

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