Friday, May 2, 2014

New Seo Tips

Let's make a deal as an industry to do away with the old ways of thinking that have totally no place in what we do anymore. Our industry has truly grown up; there are more effectual and sustainable ways to make sure long-term success for our clients.

SEO has changed and evolved, totally for the better. It's a very pleasant time to be working in the industry, as we're now tasked with structure brands, growing communities, enchanting audiences, and flexing our creative and analytical muscles. We play integral roles in the increase of businesses. Our thinking should match the new responsibilities that have come our way.

Here are five new tips to replace old and inefficient ways of thinking that have permeated across our industry.

How Can I Be of Most Help to My Customers?
It's time to modify our thinking from being "all about me" to being all about the customer. Long-term SEO success is – and has always been – all about as long as value.
You can boost your odds of share-worthiness by taking the time to research the consumer's purchase path. Understand the thought process throughout and seek ways you can add a lot of value, either by being helpful or being amusing, at a key step in the process. section your efforts down to relevant personas and the content will experience a much better success rate as you will be speaking with a more busy pool of related audiences.

There Are No Silver Bullets
Much like socialites changing the "it" bag of the season, the industry has in the past been frenetic in its pursuit of the hottest new tool or tactic that does everything in a couple of easy steps.

Unfortunately, tempting as it may sound, there are just no SEO shortcuts that work long-term. There's no replacement for good old strategic thinking and hard work.
Certainly tools have their place and there are great ones out there, but we need to treat them just as supplemental add-ons for efficiency and not the sole basis of our efforts.

It's All About Quality

Let's stop cluttering the Internet with average-quality content. The amount of content being published every day has reached record levels, but unfortunately quality hasn't increased at the same rate.

The Web doesn't need the one millionth article on painting a house or traveling to Spain. We need to ensure we put in the effort to publish content that really stands out and that merits its own place on the Web. Otherwise it's just a waste of resources.
Old Thinking: But my competitors who outrank me are still doing [insert black hat tactic].

Focus Only on Long-Term Sustainable Efforts

It's supremely annoying when competitors have higher positions in search but appear to employ not-so-kosher SEO tactics. It can be tempting to think "oh if we can't beat 'em, let's join 'em," but don't give in to the temptation. Google is getting really good at cracking down on dodgy tactics so really it's just a matter of time before they could get penalized.

Not only can these different strategies compensate for any traffic lost by ranking lower, but by resonating well with these other audiences you can also help your search rankings improve. Win-win.

If We Want to Play in Google's Sandbox, Let's Make Their Rules Work in Our Favor
While it can be easy to settle into a Google-bashing mindset (e.g., they favor large brands or whatever complaint du jour you may have), ultimately that type of thinking isn't entirely true. It's also won't help you reach your goals.

Google is a darn good search engine. Google processes provide tremendously relevant content for every search and they are striving to provide better experiences, so people continue to use them. That's why they have the majority market share and why we can't afford to ignore them.

If you constantly put out high-quality work that people like, then Google will basically want to rank it higher since they know it resonates well with searchers. Be helpful, focus on user experience, treat customers well, and you'll enjoy better conversion rates and improved rankings.

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