Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Google AdWords swap “Delete” With “Remove”

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Google Ads on Google+ announced yesterday a small change to the language within its user interface (UI) that could have a big bang on how people view "old" campaigns. In about two weeks, AdWords will swap most instances of the word "delete" with the word "remove" in its UI. 

That means, advertisers will remove campaigns, not delete them. And even though the change may seem trivial at surface value, AdWords says it will help advertisers "better understand that removed objects are still available for future reference. For example, you can report on a removed campaign's historical act."

A Google spokesperson said this transform is just the terminology, and "anything you could do before the change, you can continue to do."

Heads up that downloaded reports will also have the "status" column values updated to show detached instead of deleted. 

"If you use spreadsheet macros or other scripting languages on these downloaded reports, we recommend you update them by July 21st, 2014 to to reflect this change," Google said in its announcement.

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