Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Matt Cutts Reminds Webmasters That Google Will Always Be varying

Since Google is been keenly updating its search results, it is hard for people to trust Google anymore. Should one begin focusing on getting leads from social media other than search engine results?

Google will continually be upgrading its algorithm, Matt Cutts said. It's never going to be complete; they will continue to update it as spammers find new ways to rank and as they integrate new signals or change the weight of those signals in the algorithm.

Cutts added that since the begin of the summer Google has been difficult to make it even harder for spammers to rank from black hat techniques.

"So we are always going to be updating, always going to change things to make things better, always trying to innovate the way that we record search algorithms, that's just the nature of the beast," Cutts said. "The goal is always the same, to return the highest excellence set of search results."

He said webmasters could perhaps spend their time better than trying to figure out every little nuance of the Google search algorithm."So rather than trying to figure out reverse engineering our algorithm and trying to find all the different ways to rank higher and trying to take shortcuts, as long as you're trying to make a fantastic site that people love, that's really compelling, that there are always going to, that's the sort of thing that puts you on the same side as Google," Cutts said.

Now what about getting leads from other sources, such as social media leads? Cutts discussed this type of traffic creation next.

"I'm all for having eggs in lots of different baskets, because if your website goes down and then you can always have your brick-and-mortar business," Cutts said. "If your ranking on Google is not as good, then you can have other channels that you can use – from print media advertising, to billboards, to Twitter, to Facebook. So you should always have a very well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads whether from people walking through your door or Yellow Pages or whatever it is, because you can't count on any one channel always working out absolutely.

"As long as you have great content you should do well in Google," he added. "But you know if people are spamming or you hire a bad SEO that can lead to unpredictable results.
Matt Cutt’s main point that SEOs and business owners alike need to become accustomed in order to have good experiences with Google and other search engines.

By focusing on high quality content and a well-optimized website, instead of expenditure too much time attempting to utilize black hat techniques, webmasters can realize that Google really is on their side.

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