Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Matt Cutts about links and google rankings

Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts said that a website with a large quantity of pages won't automatically rank better than others. So addition more pages to your site won't help your home page automatically rank better than minor sites.

However, Cutts said that a site with more pages will obviously get more traffic because each of those individual pages can also rank for their own set of search queries, rising the overall opportunity for sites to gain visitors.

Cutts stressed how links also contribute to rankings, something that a bigger site often has more of naturally.

"Now typically if the site does have more pages, it might have more links pointing to it, which means it has higher PageRank," Cutts said. "If that is the case we might be willing to creep a little bit deeper into the website and if it has higher PageRank, then we might think it's a tiny bit of a better match for users queries.

"So those are some that factors concerned, just having a big website with a lot of pages by itself does not automatically confer a increase but if you have a lot of links or a lot of PageRank, that is leading to deeper crawling within your site, then that might be the sort of indicator that maybe sites would rank just a little bit higher," Cutts said.

So once again, while having a big site is great, those inbound links are still going to play a key role in rankings, much more so than a larger website.

"Again just having the number of pages doesn't give you a increase though," Cutts added. "It might give you a few more opportunities, but usually the only reason you get that chance is because we see more links to your website so we are willing to creep a little bit deeper and find more pages to index.

Bottom line: a larger website doesn't routinely give you a higher ranking, but the aftereffects of having a larger site, such as having more pages and more possible for someone to link to your site as well as getting overall search traffic on those internal pages, does help.

Having a large site is great, but once again you need to make sure that you have inbound links to your site in order to help it rank and get higher PageRank.

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