Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Growing from Local SEO to National SEO through Google Trends

 It's no secret that Google Trends is a significant research tool in search engine optimization marketing campaigns. 

The question is how many people are using it to its fullest potential? The value of Google Trends goes way beyond its first use for tracking keyword popularity and can actually take your SEO campaign to the next level.

Many have already mastered their local SEO approach and have no idea where to go from there to efficiently rank in search engines on a national level. Instead of uselessly beating your head against a wall of competitors time and time again, take advantage of the regional information that Google Trends is giving you and begin working on numerous local campaigns that will serve to bump you into the desired national rankings you've been vying for.

Interest over Time
Head over to Google Trends and enter a search phrase you'd like to rank for. Adjust the location to United States and select a suitable time frame for your business.

Local Interest

Pin to the City view to drill down to the local levels. This will show you the areas where your targeted search express has the most interest.
Connected Searches

At the bottom of the page, Google Trends will show you top related searches and phrases with a rising attention. Should your targeted phrase show a decline in interest, this is a great place to get choice suggestions?

How to use This Data for SEO Campaigns
Most companies will aim their surrounding areas. With this tool and data, you can target the areas with the highest interest to get the most out of your SEO efforts. Building out landing pages that target these areas and localizing your link building efforts will give you a better probability at achieving results.
Applying Google Trends to your internet marketing campaign provides you the opportunity to broaden your SEO goals and become a nationwide contender in your industry. Obtaining a national online presence is no easy feat, but utilizing the local information gathered from Google Trends and focusing on those locations should allow you to strengthen your SEO marketing campaign in no time and obtain those national rankings that recently seemed out of reach.

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