Friday, December 6, 2013

How To Create An Everlasting Blog Post

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Ever since Google got better at assessing online content quality, content writers have started publishing less, but advanced content.

This has made many bloggers and Internet marketers pleased, as the idea of having to produce new content just because it is the only way to outrank a competitor isn’t really attractive. Creating really useful, everlasting content now seems to be in vogue; even more so with the foreword of the In-depth articles box in Google.

To find out what makes for a victorious everlasting article, let’s perform a small case study and consider 3 of my highest-performing posts ever published either on Link-Assistant.Com’s blog or elsewhere on the Web.

Crafting everlasting Content 

Now that we have looked at the three everlasting posts, let’s draw some conclusions. fundamentally, here is how to produce everlasting Web content:

prefer a everlasting topic

This is the hardest part, since the topic you choose to cover shouldn’t be too broad or overly specifi

What about going for “How to create an effective call-to-action”?

Confirm the topic’s actual status

What you think is a cool topic may not be. To confirm that people are really looking up the subject you plan to cover, use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to research what people are penetrating for.

It’s significant to use your main keyword in the title, since this increases the post’s chance to rank for your target keyword(s).

ensure who you are going against

approximately any topic you take, chances are it’s been covered dozens of time by other authors. However, this doesn’t mean there is no space here for development. Of course, one shouldn’t simply repeat what’s already been said. See if you can:

- Approach the topic from a new angle
- Take an unpopular stance (if that’s really your stance)
- Go more in-depth
- Explain it in plainer language, etc.

At the same time, although the PDF is nice, it’s 235 pages long, about the size of a short novel. So, what you can offer as an alternative is a shorter/cleaner list. Or an insightful tutorial with examples, etc.

Craft the best title probable

Now, here is the face with choosing a title. You don’t want it to be overly yellow-press, but you don’t want to be too traditional or expected either. Ideally, you’d need to find the happy medium.

Use visuals and examples munificently

Visuals help those reading your post grasp the ideas explained in it better and earlier. Just make sure to optimize your images for the Web before your post them.
Plus, to show your points and to make them easier for your readers to digest, provide examples where possible. It does take time to look for examples, but nothing brings more clarity into what you write about.

Make it truly one-stop-shop

Squeeze maximum value into the article. Just put yourself into your readers’ shoes and believe if you’d need additional information on the subject-matter after reading the post. While editing the post, you can definitely delete any needless epithets or sentences, but preserve any useful piece of information that adds value.


Of course, what makes an article everlasting is not just its size, or the number of images you use. Eventually, it has to be an exhaustive piece of a topic. Writing “timeless” content does take time and effort, but this is exactly why it performs so well – it spares readers the need to do all the work you did for them.

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