Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Real-Time Bidding expectations in 2014

In the digital space, 2013 has been another enormous year. 2013 has been branded the year of mobile, the year of video, the year of enhanced campaigns , and the year of audience, etc.

perhaps 2013 could also be branded the year of real-time bidding. RTB has become the buzzword in display and digital marketing as a whole due to the advancement of opportunities for dynamically run biddable display campaigns.

This article, however, won't discuss all the remarkable RTB related excitement that has come out of 2013, but rather discuss what the future is for the biddable display arena.

1. Rich Media Ads

Ad formats are becoming more and more attractive and interactive. Dynamic creative allows advertisers to insert images and text based on combinations of variables, which isn’t just imperfect to e-commerce products.

In 2014, expect travel and publishing advertisers to use active capabilities more imaginatively to create highly targeted and flexible ad copy. In addition, the use of rich media and engagement ads will continue to grow.
Engagement metrics will be optimizable, meaning advertisers are able to judge performance of ads even when users don’t leave the publisher’s website. This means publishers and advertisers share the repayment of engagement ads.
Free products like Google Web Designer, which allows for free creation of rich media ads, will help advertisers make these ads quickly and professionally.
Expect more rich media and engagement formats which are easier to make and easily made dynamic.
The recent agreement between Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) and Facebook is a huge step forward in the position of social websites and biddable display. DBM advertisers will be able to reach first party and third party audience lists on Facebook and aim them cross devices.
Expect more social networks to make their inventory available to exchanges in 2014.

3. Branding Metrics
Auditing the value of display campaigns has never been more important. Advertisers are becoming more aware of the optimization opportunities within biddable display and are understanding how direct conversions can be achieved through highly targeted and strategically run RTB campaigns.

DSPs will strive to provide new metrics to show the value not only of direct conversions from display campaigns, but also the impact of visibility of display ads on brand recognition and awareness.
Wait for more insights on viewability of ads and the impact on search to come in 2014.
4. Programmatic Video

DBM have recently created an option for in-stream video advertising via real-time bidding. This allows video ads to be served across a number of video exchanges, of course YouTube being the biggest.
Expect the CPM bidding model to be refined to allow for cheaper and more direct conversion options from biddable video. The number of video exchanges continues to grow, and it's in their best interest to make their list available in the biddable space. Note this isn't limited to just DoubleClick; video via confidential auctions on premium inventory is being discussed by a range of DSPs and publishers.
Expect expansion of biddable display throughout 2014.

5. Private Marketplace Deals

Similar to the addition of social networks allowing their inventory to be targeted via demand-side platforms like DBM, an increasing number of publishers will be using DSPs as a way to easily make their premium content obtainable to a larger number of advertisers. 

This helps bridge the gap between reservation display and exchange buying, meaning that advertisers can reach premium content which may have previously been only obtainable via direct reservation deals, and premium publishers still have a choice over the brands who have access to their highly valuable inventory.
wait for even larger volumes of premium inventory to become available via auctions.
RTB in 2014

These are just five predictions of the many expected advancements and changes that will unavoidably come to the RTB space in 2014. If 2013 wasn’t the year of RTB within our industry, 2014 has absolute potential to be the year advertisers and publishers alike get onboard and start using display inventory to its full presentation potential.

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