Thursday, November 7, 2013

Amazing Uses That build Twitter Special

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Most folks use Twitter to keep up with friends or rant about whatever’s now rubbing them the wrong way. But, there are so many other ways to use the social media platform outside of microblogging. These nine inspired uses for Twitter aren’t just for those in online marketing, but for anyone who is looking for a little assistance in their daily lives.


Hopefully, some of you out there have run a contest via Twitter. If not, give it a try. Contests are always a solid method to attract and connect customers and Twitter makes it pretty easy. There are many simple contests that you can create on Twitter counting photo contests, question and answer, retweet to win, or a follower landmark.

Find a Job

While most of us may lean towards LinkedIn for job searching, Twitter can also be a job in search of assistant. Keep your Twitter account professional with an appropriate avatar, offer a link to your resume, and try to follow key people in your field. You can also receive targeted job tweets on your feed or find opportunities at TweetMyJobs.

keep away from Traffic Jams

No one likes getting trapped in a traffic jam, and Twitter can help! Many local news stations, such as WTOPtraffic, provide constant traffic news on Twitter so you know when to avoid certain roadways. Check with your local news channels to see if they offer a similar feature.

Get fit

We can all use a little extra inspiration to get healthy, whether it’s eating better or getting in shape. There are several health correlated features you can take advantage of on Twitter

Take a Poll

Offering a poll or study on your Twitter feed is not only attractive for your visitors, but also beneficial if you’re looking to find out how users feel about your main site. For non-marketing folks, a poll can help settle good natured disputes on where to go for dinner or drinks after work. 

Set Alarms/Reminders
We’re all busy people, and Twitter makes it easy to stay prepared.
Read, Write, and Discuss
Show how talented and astute you are by participating in literary projects.

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