Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Facebook Ad Features

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Facebook HQ has been busy tinkering with the ads proposal to make improvements that offer Facebook advertisers more control, more organization, and streamlined ad creation. Read on for five features Facebook advertisers should be using now.

1. Campaign Labels

Finally Facebook has provided advertisers with a Littlemore campaign structure with the roll-out of Labels! This characteristic is Power Editor (PE) exclusive and incredibly handy for ad accounts that have had several campaigns for multiple marketing initiatives, or ad accounts that serve more than one division of a certain company.

2. Facebook Dark Page Posts

Not as chilling as the name suggests. Facebook officially calls these "Unpublished Posts," and they are essentially that: posts that advertisers can amplify, that look like Page Post Ads, but aren't published to the actual feed.

3. Manually Set CPM Bids for Desired Actions

Advertisers can find this sophisticated feature in PE when selecting Facebook-centric ads (not right-rail or News Feed ads that use a direct link to another website).

4. Audiences

Facebook Audiences are fundamentally saved targeting grids that can be applied to any ad in any campaign with just one click! Audiences must be created in PE, but can typically be accessed via Facebook's Create Flow. We say "typically" because this is the intended task, but it's sort of broken right now. The good news: Facebook HQ is aware of the issue and working toward a solution.

5. Controlling Placement/Wi-Fi Enabled Selection

Advertisers can control the post of Facebook-centric advertising (page post ads, page like ads, etc.) and if the ads are displayed using data or wifi on mobiles, which can be a extraordinary thing to test to improve CTR and (*cough*) quality scor
Hopefully this post will motivate advertisers to be more efficient with managing Facebook ads accounts, tell some regarding newer, slightly hidden features that are less talked about, and improve ad performance.

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